Achieve Advantage

North County San Diego's Leader in Tutoring & Test Preparation

Our System/Process

Our system really gets back to the basics. We see each student and their family as a unique client, with unique goals. Therefore, we start with an assessment of each student’s strengths and challenges together with their specific educational goals by our Director of Testing and Curriculum and Master Teacher. We want to make sure we know what your goals are for tutoring so that we are all working in the same direction. Because we are not a franchise limited to one set of curriculum, we are able to utilize a variety of proven strategies aimed at maximizing your student’s ability to succeed. We then periodically reassess your student’s progress and make changes to the "plan" if need be. The results are usually dramatic and launch students into a lifelong love of learning.

In developing an individual tutoring support plan for your student, we look at what they need to be successful in class now as well as in the future. We develop their education plan around that focus. Let's be honest here, we understand that grades and test scores count. We also understand the effects of poor grades on the student's self-esteem. We work hard to support your student and believe that with increased grades there is increased confidence and with increased confidence there are increased grades. We call it the "upward spiral of education." That is where we want your student to be. As they say in the Poway School District "forward focused".

Our Tutors

We recruit and train only the best tutors – to coin a familiar phrase "many apply and few are chosen!" All of our tutors are experienced and passionate about teaching. They are credentialed teachers or college graduates with significant tutoring experience and an in-depth knowledge in their specific subject areas. We only employ tutors that are committed to be there for your student (no changing tutors every month because they "move-on".). Additionally, all of our staff must pass strict background checks and drug testing.

Our San Diego North County Learning Center

We provide our clients with academic tutoring in a quiet, focused environment at our North County Learning Center located right off I-15 in Rancho Bernardo, with easy access from neighboring communities such as 4S Ranch, Poway, Escondido and Scripps Ranch. We provide flexible appointments times and days for tutoring based upon your schedule and needs. Our center is equipped with educational technology such as computers, tablets and printers in order to support your child's learning.