Achieve Advantage

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Our Philosophy / What Parents Have to Say

Our teaching philosophy is based upon a firm belief that every student can maximize their academic success, given the proper encouragement, motivation and tools.

We believe that a tutor's most important job is to listen and observe how their student works and learns, and then to provide each student with proven method, individualized to help that specific student work and learn more effectively.

Our aim is twofold. One is to reach students needing educational assistance as early as possible and teach them effective and lifelong learning strategies and problem solving skills. The second is to provide our students with tutoring and enrichment activities designed to help them thrive and enjoy learning. We believe this will begin a cycle of confidence, motivation, and academic success that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. We call this cycle "the upward spiral of education."

What Parents of Achieve Students have to say:

"We have been extremely pleased with what Achieve Advantage has been able to accomplish with our 5th grader. He has built a really great relationship with his tutor. That consistency has made him enjoy his sessions and leave with the confidence of knowing that he has a concept conquered."
- Michael, 5th grade parent

"Tutoring on our schedule looked to be impossible but Achieve Advantage was able to find creative ways to make sure our daughter always got what she needed no matter how crazy our week got."
- Melissa, athletic parent

"Our child was feeling very nervous about making the leap from elementary to middle school. The summer transition course prepared her with everything she needed to feel good about walking in the first day and understanding new schedules, time management and organization. It is a must do course for 5th graders,"
- Julia, middle school parent

"SAT time was coming and our son had a lot on his plate. Achieve Advantage offered the absolute best and most cost effective solution in the area. There were even areas on the test that he wanted extra help with that the instructors were able to focus on just for him. We are extremely happy with his scores."
- Kim, high school parent

"We have a very high level math student who likes to work ahead of what his class is working on. Achieve Advantage was able to introduce him to advanced concepts and keep him a few steps ahead of the game,"
- Jason

"I would absolutely recommend Achieve Advantage. Homework was becoming stressful in our home and this was a great way to eliminate that worry. Our son, Jackson, has his own tutor that is available whenever things get rough."
- Katherine, middle school parent

What we loved about Achieve Advantage was that we did not have to commit to a lengthy contract. We are able to come in once or twice when we needed help with a concept or have standing appointments for tough classes.  This is a local gem of a business that we will use for years to come as our children grow."
- Tracey, elementary school parent