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College Readiness Tests (the ACT and SAT)

The ACT and SAT exams were created to predict the success a student will have in college according to the authors of both of these exams. Colleges want their students to have the greatest chance of success when they admit them (it is in part what the College’s rankings are based upon.) Colleges know that students who have history of doing well in high school (based on their GPA and other activities) and who score well on these exams do better in college. This is why colleges use these tests in their admission decisions together with high school grade point averages and course "rigor" (difficulty) as primary considerations for admissions and often financial aid. In general, it is reported that a score of 1530 on the SAT or a score of 24 on the ACT predicts that the student will have a 50% chance or higher of completing their first year of college with a B or better in their core classes. Colleges agree. For this reason, it is extremely important to score the best you can on these tests. At Achieve we offer small group classes for SAT and ACT preparation as well as private tutoring.

Scoring your best on the ACT and SAT

It is clear from the research that the first step in scoring well on these exams is to do well in the core classes you take in high school. This is the time when tutoring can be time well spent to make sure you do as well as possible in these classes, not only so that your grade point average is where you would like it to be, but to give you the background you need to succeed in college.

College advisors generally recommend that students plan to take the SAT and/or the ACT during the Spring and Fall of their junior year. We agree. This provides the option of taking an additional exam in October of the senior year for students who are not satisfied with their prior scores.

We believe that it is beneficial for students to take a practice SAT and/or a practice ACT exam by the end of the 10th grade or during the summer between their 10th and 11 grades. We offer practice exams at different times of the year at our Rancho Bernardo Learning Center. We use the information from practice exams to provide recommendations as to how to maximize scores on these important tests. Achieve Advantage offers classes specific to the SAT and the ACT on a rotational schedule during the year and during the summer. Our review classes are taught by experienced tutors and educators and follow the study materials written by each of the exam writers. We also use technology to further support the students learning, including applications students can use on their phones or tablets. Our review classes also include practice or mock examinations. Practice exams have been proven to increase tests scores. Additionally, and equally important, we use these practice test scores to provide individual feedback to students on areas they can improve both in test taking strategies and core content. We also provide individual tutoring to students who need extra help in the core areas of the test. These steps help optimize the score the student will achieve on the exam(s). We also realize that test anxiety is real and can get in the way of a student scoring the best that they can. While we do not provide counseling for test anxiety, we have available referrals to professionals who can help if this is an issue.

SAT II Subject Tests/AP Exams

The SAT II Subject Tests include 20 one hour exams in 5 general areas (English, history, languages, math and science.) Some colleges recommend students take at least two SAT II Subject Tests. Students should take these exams soon after completing the subject course work. Often students take these exams once they have completed an AP course in a subject since the College Board writes both the AP and SAT Subject II exams. We understand the weight that is placed on AP courses and the spring AP exams. We have tutors available for individual tutoring for most AP Courses and SAT II Subject Tests.


The TOEFL is required by most colleges and universities for admission, in addition to the SAT or ACT, for those students whose primary language is not English (where English is a foreign language.) We have experienced tutors who work with students to pass the TOEFL alone or together with the SAT/ACT exams. For many students working on their critical reading skills at the same time preparing for the TOEFL results in gains on both their TOEFL and SAT/ACT scores while decreasing the total amount of preparation time required for these important exams.


The California High School Exit exam currently tests for skills in English and Math, and is given to students beginning in the 10th grade. The dates and frequency that you can take this exam depends on the grade level you are in and is set by the State of California. We have tutors experienced in tutoring for each of these sections at our North County Learning Center in Rancho Bernardo. We also anticipate that this test will be replaced in the future with an exam in line with the Common Core Curriculum changes that are being implemented.